ABGS Group Announced Part Time and Full Time Job Vacancy for English Transcriber

Transcription Jobs in Pokhara
ABGS Group is a Kathmandu based data outsourcing company with operations in multiple countries globally hiring high quality candidates to work from our Pokhara office!
Work hours: 30-42 hours/week
Location: Pokhara
Qualifications: Currently enrolled in a Bachelor's Degree program, completed Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree (back papers are OK)

Key Responsibilities & Duties

  • Transcribe English phrases and sentences on our software
  • High level of comfort in front of the laptop
  • Excellent listening, speaking and writing skills in English language
  • Positive attitude to work
  • Need to bring your own laptop
Your first month will be your probation period; we will offer you part-time contract after your probation period if we are satisfied with your performance

What we offer:

For Part-time

  • Work hours: Work 5 hours a day (break time not included), 30 work hours per week
  • Salary: NPR 10,700 for probation period; NPR 14,250 per month after working 5 hours a day, 6 days a week.

For Full-time

Work hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM and work for 7 hours, 1 hour break included
  • Salary: NPR 15,000 for probation period which will be 1 month; NPR 20,000 per month working for 7 hours 6 days a week, 42 work hours per week. Hard workers with high quality work have an opportunity to make NPR 30,000+ per month.
This work cannot be done from home and you have to come to the office to work.
We need you to start ASAP. If interested, please email us your resume to [email protected].

Are you interested in this vacancy?

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